What is e-decor?

Paint For everythingE-décor is an online decorating service providing an interior designer at your convenience at an affordable price.

Available to anyone, at any time and location, our e-decor service provides flexibility to those who need a helping hand, or a touch of inspiration, to create a beautiful home on a budget.

At Oohm, we specialise in creating beautiful spaces by working with what you already have, and what you can afford to replace. Helping our customers make an informed and confident choice in their decor is our desire. Creating a designer touch within your budget is our main focus and the key to our success.

Oohm’s e-decor services will provide you with an interior design solution, including purchase options, to fit your budget and style.

What will you receive?

  1. A personalised Inspiration Board with suggested colour schemes, furniture and accessories based on the customer’s needs and desires, including any DIY tips to help you reduce costs.
  2. A Room Map, showing placement of furniture and accessories.
  3. Personalised half hour phone consultation with our experienced Interior Designer to discuss your brief. Plus another half hour phone consultation to coach you in creating your beauty-full space.
  4. Access to a gorgeous range of products, discounted at trade price (only for our customers), allowing you to get more for creating a beautiful home on a budget.

How long does this take?

Once we have received your information, the process will take 1 – 3 weeks, depending upon the size of each project.

How much will this cost?

We charge and hourly rate of $120 for the first hour and $80 for each extra hour required. We are happy to give you as little or as much help as you need!

Single spaces   (bedroom, entry, laundry)             $300.00 per room*

Open plan rooms    (living, dining)                        $500.00 per room*

Redecorating a kitchen or bathroom                     $500.00 per room*

*Discounts are available for more than 2 rooms

How to get started

Complete and submit the online questionnaire

We will then contact you to discuss any further information required to complete your project, including photographs of your room.

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