Amazing Shipping Container Houses


shipping container houses

If you love architecture and follow housing trends you would have noticed a growing trend in homes made from shipping containers.  In a market where home buyers want low maintenance and affordable housing, a shipping container home can be an attractive option. Generally these homes are made by joining a number of containers together and […] Read more…

Building Better Homes To Create The Life You Love


We Want You to Achieve the Best Renovation and Property Investment Result You Can! At Oohm we share Facebook posts (also Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Linkedin,Googleplus and YouTube) about creating beautiful homes and budget renovating. We also provide research on property investing and how building a better home space can change your life both physically and financially. The truth […] Read more…

The Beach Shack- Stage 1


We are currently building our family home on the coast in northern N.S.W, so I thought I would share a little bit with you! We have decided to built our home in two stages, so at the moment we are building the first stage of the home, which is the main part of the house, […] Read more…

The Dingy Room Reno Update – Week 2


Remember our basement room that I had a dream for?  Well, before the dream Scandinavian Apartment can exist there is a lot of hard work and renovating to be done.    And we want to make it look like this on a small budget so lots of DIY is needed!! First stage is stripping out […] Read more…

Tiny Houses and Small Living


Having spent the last few months researching builders, house plans, building costs and all that goes in to building a house it is easy to see why people seek other ways of living. Although it’s very exciting to be building a new home, it can be overwhelming and expensive! There seems to be more and […] Read more…