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Inspired By New York City Architecture



New York City It is one of those places that inspires almost anyone, but of course being design addicts we are totally besotted by New York City architecture and design. From the first time I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s to watching every episode of Sex and the City, my love affair with the architecture of […] Read more…

Ikea’s Jassa Collection is a Bohemian Dream!



Have you seen Ikea’s Jassa Collection Limited Edition? Inspired by South East Asia and beyond, this a beautiful collection of handmade furniture, textiles and decor that uses colour and texture to bring any home to life! The collection is full of bright, colourful textiles that pair back perfectly with the handmade rattan furniture:   “The […] Read more…

Favourite Five: Patterned Tiles


patterned tiles

Everyone who has built or renovated a home knows that choosing tiles can be one of the hardest decisions you make. Whether it is tiles for the floors, bathroom or kitchen, choosing the right tile for your house helps set the tone and style of the entire home, so getting it right is important. There […] Read more…

5 Romantic Bedrooms To Fall in Love With


romantic bedroom

Valentines Day may have come and gone, but perusing Pinterest this week has been full of romantically inspired spaces. In keeping with the romantic themes of Valentines Day, lots of decor ideas have been popping up which focus on creating a romantic space, but without being over the top.  A romantic bedroom doesn’t have to […] Read more…

Grey Kitchens in Every Style


grey kitchens

Kitchen trends come and go, but the one trend that will be sticking around in 2017 is neutral colours! A neutral colour palette in the kitchen never seems to go out of style, making white, black and grey three of the most popular colours for kitchen cabinets, bench tops and splash backs. We have blogged […] Read more…

Inspiration For A Combined Bathroom and Laundry


bathroom/ laundry

As real estate prices go up and with city living being so popular, many people find they are living in smaller homes. There is also a trend towards small living, as environmental awareness and sustainability becomes paramount for many people when building a home. Making the most of a small space means you may have […] Read more…

Shop Kmart’s New Season with Oohm



Who else can’t leave Kmart without buying something? The current home wares collection at Kmart ticks all the boxes, on trend, being affordable and accessible. We are all about decorating on a budget at Oohm, so of course we love a bargain from Kmart! The new season home wares don’t disappoint, by offering pieces that […] Read more…

On Trend: Oversized Art!


Oversized Art

Art really makes a room. A current trend popping up everywhere is oversized art! Choosing oversized art to add to a room is such a bold move and may seem like a scary choice, but there are different ways to make oversized artwork part of almost any space. Here are our top 5 tips for […] Read more…

Inspired By The Hamptons


Oh The Hamptons! Who doesn’t love that style? It has to be one of the most loved décor styles and probably one of the most replicated. I think my first glimpse of The Hamptons was in a movie, like ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ or a tv show and since then I have always loved the classic, […] Read more…

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