The Dingy Room Reno Update – Week 2


Remember our basement room that I had a dream for?  Well, before the dream Scandinavian Apartment can exist there is a lot of hard work and renovating to be done.    And we want to make it look like this on a small budget so lots of DIY is needed!! First stage is stripping out […] Read more…

9 Great Ways to Revamp Suitcases


revamp suitcases

Old suitcases conjure up thoughts of travels to far away places. Worn and weathered with stories of the places they have been, old suitcases are a lovely piece to have incorporated in your decor. Here are our favourite ways to revamp suitcases…                           […] Read more…

Retro Cottage Renovation Update


Well today I thought I’d like to share the progress of our renovation. As you may remember we bought a run down renovators delight. It is in terrible condition but has amazing views of the coast, river and bay. Our vision is to create a beautiful relaxed home on the upper level with a one […] Read more…

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