Retro Cottage Renovation Update


Well today I thought I’d like to share the progress of our renovation. As you may remember we bought a run down renovators delight. It is in terrible condition but has amazing views of the coast, river and bay. Our vision is to create a beautiful relaxed home on the upper level with a one […] Read more…

Add Value to your House without Renovating


It is not always necessary to renovate a property to achieve the best sale price. So, if renovation is not an option for you, here are our top tips and tricks that can help you increase your property’s value: 1. Planning Approvals Can Add Value If you think that your property has potential for subdivision […] Read more…

Tips for Creating your Grand Design Home


  What is a Grand Design? A grand design is the complete plan that you have for your house through renovation ,building or decoration. The first step in creating your grand design is to look at what is existing in your original house, what can you keep including furniture and what do you need to […] Read more…

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