Make the Most of A Small Outdoor Area


With great weather at this time of year, it makes sense to make the most of your outdoor area! Creating an inviting and usable outdoor area is so important to your home, particularly for the rising percentage of urban dwellers amongst home owners. You may not have a big backyard, but no matter what size your […] Read more…

Tiny Pools for Every Backyard


small pools

It is finally warm enough to enjoy swimming and it has me thinking of ways we can squeeze a pool into our new backyard. In many cases the size of a backyard means a regular size pool is impossible; it either won’t fit or will take up the entire yard. Although backyard size can make it […] Read more…

12 Creative Fence Ideas


creative fence ideas

A fence is a usually a necessity, unless you’re lucky enough to have no neighbours! However, it is not often considered a creative part of landscaping. When you think about it, a good fence idea can make a huge difference to your yard and a great front fence can make a huge difference to the […] Read more…

Lush Backyard Pools for Summer!


This heat has me dreaming of a backyard pool.  A little place to relax and cool down would be perfect in this weather. There are so many great ideas for backyard pools, like pools for small spaces , pools to suit different landscapes and great pools for kids, but a pool surrounded by greenery, lush […] Read more…

15 Inviting Outdoor Shower Ideas!


My experience with outdoor showers may be limited to one of those ‘solar’ camping showers that you leave out in the sun, which drizzles out water as you stand beneath, but I still love the idea of a shower in the great outdoors! Those days of camping and using the simple outdoor shower remind me of long, hot summer days. […] Read more…

10 Garden Sheds That You Will Want To Live In!


Have you ever wanted a little place to escape to in the garden? Somewhere just for you, that you can enjoy. More like a studio,these garden sheds are the perfect addition to any home, all of them used for different purposes, but all being a place to escape. These obviously aren’t your standard garden shed, with clever […] Read more…

5 Easy Ways to Add Kerb Appeal!


  Kerb appeal is one of the most important parts of creating a beautiful home. Good kerb appeal can make your home feel welcoming and inviting and is especially important when selling your home! It’s all about catching people’s attention and making them want to see more of your home, however, there is no need […] Read more…

10 Pool Ideas for a Small Backyard!


As summer approaches the idea of dipping into a nice cold pool, without leaving home, seems like a pretty good idea!  Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have an enormous backyard to fit a full-sized pool, meaning the idea of a pool might seem just a dream. Don’t worry I have done the hard work […] Read more…

Spectacular Small Backyards


This week we shared some small houses with you, so we thought a look at some small backyards would be a good idea! A small backyard or garden is a reality for a lot of people living in the city or in a townhouse or apartment. I have lived in homes with small backyards and sometimes […] Read more…

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