Inspired By The Hamptons


Oh The Hamptons! Who doesn’t love that style? It has to be one of the most loved décor styles and probably one of the most replicated. I think my first glimpse of The Hamptons was in a movie, like ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ or a tv show and since then I have always loved the classic, […] Read more…

Building Better Homes To Create The Life You Love


We Want You to Achieve the Best Renovation and Property Investment Result You Can! At Oohm we share Facebook posts (also Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Linkedin,Googleplus and YouTube) about creating beautiful homes and budget renovating. We also provide research on property investing and how building a better home space can change your life both physically and financially. The truth […] Read more…

Look Whose Making Millions From Flipping Houses


The Number 1 Flipper Is – Ellen DeGeneres who has sold several successful flipping projects, with her most successful being in 2014 where she made $15million dollars in 6months after selling her home to Sean Parker. Putting her unique design style into the home was a winner for Ellen. He paid $55million dollars – well […] Read more…

The Dingy Room Reno Update – Week 2


Remember our basement room that I had a dream for?  Well, before the dream Scandinavian Apartment can exist there is a lot of hard work and renovating to be done.    And we want to make it look like this on a small budget so lots of DIY is needed!! First stage is stripping out […] Read more…

Travel Inspired Summer Outdoor Areas


We have been eating dinner outside this week, the weather has been perfect! While we have enjoyed it, our outside area leaves a lot to be desired. As the Christmas holidays creep closer, I know we will be spending more and more time dining outside, so I have been looking for some ideas for creating inviting […] Read more…

A Scandinavian Love Affair


  This time last year I travelled to my husband’s family homeland – Sweden. The birthplace of Volvo, Ikea, Husqvarna, Skype, Abba and Ericsson, just to name a few of the well designed products produced there.  It certainly was a grand design tour for me, as well as meeting Rod’s family. I loved everything!  The […] Read more…

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