Sunday Surprise

5 Pink Rooms to Love


Pink is a polarising colour, most people either love it or hate it. I have to say I have never been a fan of using pink in my home. Then last week I found myself buying pink and grey pillowcases! They might not be bright pink, but they are still pink and I was very […] Read more…

Autumn Inspiration


Autumn is here! It is my favourite time of year, as it starts cooling down and the leaves are changing colour. After a long, hot Summer I’m looking forward to the cool, crisp air of Autumn. The other thing I enjoy about the change of season is an excuse to make some changes at home, […] Read more…

Favourite Pins of the Week


We have pinned some beautiful rooms this week! From dreamy bedrooms to amazing kitchens and some fantastic DIY, there are so many new pins to choose from! Here are our favourite 5 pins of the week! 1. Scandinavian Nursery This serene and soothing nursery is a perfect lesson in keeping it simple. From the white […] Read more…

5 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Gallery Wall


A gallery wall is my favourite way to add artwork to a room! It is easy to do yourself and inexpensive, but most importantly it is personal. A good gallery wall can brighten up any room, but there are a few tricks to getting it just right! 1. Mix it up Just Enough The trick to […] Read more…

Oohm Spotlight Artist: Carol Atkins


Today we are talking with Carol Atkins about her beautiful art. From the moment I saw Carol’s art work I fell I love with the gorgeous colours and fluent shapes. They are a wonderful reflection of the lifestyle of the North Coast and wonderful for adding that holiday feeling to your home. Can you tell me […] Read more…

Decorating with Stripes


Decorating with stripes is a timeless look. Whether vertical, horizontal, thick or thin stripes are an easy way to add drama to a plain room. Though stripes can seem overwhelming and a little bold, there are ways to add stripes that will update a room without taking over. By keeping the tones muted and just […] Read more…

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