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5 Tips to Designing a Romantic Bedroom


scented candles in Bed

5 Tips to Designing a Romantic Bedroom There’s more than just putting on some sexy tunes and rose petals to change the mood in your bedroom. A dash of creativity and design can do wonders and make every night magical. Whether you want to woo your significant other or you’re just interested in a romantic-themed […] Read more…

DIY Friday: The Best Ikea Hacks for Your Home


  Best IKEA hacks for your home     Who doesn’t love IKEA? It has modern style furniture for quite a low price. But, this also means the beautiful furniture you buy for your home, is bought by thousands of others too.  That’s not appealing. Right? So, why don’t you design a personal touch, give […] Read more…

Shaynna Blaze and the 2 Belindas at Taubmans Colour of the Year


Taubmans Colour of the Year Violet Verbena

Last Monday, we were fortunate to be invited to Tim Robinson’s Photography studio where leading Australian paint brand Taubmans, unveiled its inaugural Taubmans Colour of the Year 2017, Violet Verbena. The guest panel explored all of our senses, our reasons for reacting to colour and what’s behind our natural attraction to Violet Verbena.  Dr Lisa Cooper florist […] Read more…

Building Better Homes To Create The Life You Love


We Want You to Achieve the Best Renovation and Property Investment Result You Can! At Oohm we share Facebook posts (also Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Linkedin,Googleplus and YouTube) about creating beautiful homes and budget renovating. We also provide research on property investing and how building a better home space can change your life both physically and financially. The truth […] Read more…

The Latest Concrete Look without Spending Big


How To Get The Latest Concrete Look In Your Home WITHOUT Spending Big Last week Belinda and I were talking to a client (Haley) about concrete flooring in her home.  She really likes the look of polished concrete and along with natural materials, it is a popular look right now.  So, we totally understand her […] Read more…

Home Office Shelving by Bon Bon Creative


If we think about renovating our office space, we immediately think it involves incorporating expensive custom built shelving, storage and styling.  However, there are great alternatives for the budget conscious, which are both stylish and practical. Working from home has become more than a trend. Hard-working people everywhere are trying to find the best way […] Read more…

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