Eclectic Kids Rooms You Will Love


Creating a beautiful room for your kids is a great way to provide a space where they can use their imagination and show their personality. What I found when creating new bedrooms for my little ones, is that there is a lot of decor aimed at kids that is all the same! There seems to be an assumption that in a kids room everything needs to match, or there needs to be a ‘theme’, so if you are trying to get away from that you have to think outside the box. Often the best way to create a more eclectic look in a kids room is to be guided by their imagination.

The meaning of eclectic is: “deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”

Kids are always collecting and gathering things they love from shells at the beach to their favourite paintings they did at school, these are great items to display in a kids room. Think of creative ways to display their little treasures and frame their favourite pictures in mismatched frames above their bed, they will love the way their treasures are on display.

Don’t be scared to pair colours and items together in your kids room that you probably wouldn’t anywhere else in the house, it’s a nice way to make a kids room feel fun, inviting and relaxed, while letting their little imaginations shine. Take a look at these beautifully eclectic kids rooms to feel inspired!

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