5 Romantic Bedrooms To Fall in Love With


Valentines Day may have come and gone, but perusing Pinterest this week has been full of romantically inspired spaces.

In keeping with the romantic themes of Valentines Day, lots of decor ideas have been popping up which focus on creating a romantic space, but without being over the top.  A romantic bedroom doesn’t have to be full of pink love hearts, take a cue from these gorgeous bedrooms and create a romantic bedroom that will appeal to everyone. These bedrooms use texture, lighting and luxurious finishes to give a romantic, feminine feel without being over the top!

Layers of texture and soft dusty pink, give this room a romantic vibe. The plump pillows and soft rug beside the bed help give the room a sense of luxury too.


romantic bedroom

This bedroom again focuses on texture, with the velvet cushion and fur-look throw at the end of the bed, these pieces add layers to the room. The eye catching piece in this room though, is that beautifully intricate light fitting! Lighting can really help give a space a romantic feel!


romantic bedroom

Nothing says romance like a canopy bed and this bedroom does this look so well! It’s a casual take on a luxurious look that gives this bedroom a quietly romantic feel. The neutral colour scheme also makes this bedroom perfect for every taste, keeping it from being too feminine, even the guys will like this one.


romantic bedroom

This country house bedroom has all the architectural detail to give it a romantic feel The high ceiling with exposed beams helps give this room a romantic, old-world feel, but what really makes this bedroom feel romantic is that beautiful fireplace.


romantic bedroom

This bedroom is simple,but soft and feminine. The metallic touches in the lamps along with the layered white linen and art prints makes this room neutral, but romantic. The perfect spot for breakfast in bed.

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