Month: October 2016

Amazing Cabins From Around the World


Following on from our story about shipping container homes last week, this week we take you around the world with these amazing cabins. From tree houses in America to a Swedish cabin in the woods, there are some amazing small homes to escape the hustle and bustle and focus on living on a small footprint. […] Read more…

Amazing Shipping Container Houses


shipping container houses

If you love architecture and follow housing trends you would have noticed a growing trend in homes made from shipping containers.  In a market where home buyers want low maintenance and affordable housing, a shipping container home can be an attractive option. Generally these homes are made by joining a number of containers together and […] Read more…

5 Tips to Designing a Romantic Bedroom


scented candles in Bed

5 Tips to Designing a Romantic Bedroom There’s more than just putting on some sexy tunes and rose petals to change the mood in your bedroom. A dash of creativity and design can do wonders and make every night magical. Whether you want to woo your significant other or you’re just interested in a romantic-themed […] Read more…

Before and After: An amazing Family Home Makeover


When I came across this before and after renovation on Design Sponge I thought it would be perfect to share with our Oohm readers.  We come across so many beautiful homes every week, but often they are styled for magazines or full of designer furniture, making them seem a little unattainable, but this family home is […] Read more…