Month: April 2016



 R.A.R.E. (Renovate and Real Estate) Our new website is currently under construction but thanks for dropping by. At R.A.R.E. we hope to not only inspire you, but teach you the tools, strategies and the profit making techniques you need to create the renovation of your dreams and income you desire. Whether you want to: Renovate […] Read more…

An Inviting Guest Bedroom on a Budget!


The spare bedroom often becomes an afterthought when decorating your home, from being used as a storage room, to being used as a home office, it is often the last room left to decorate. Using that spare room as a beautiful guest bedroom can be a great way to update an unused room and create […] Read more…

Wanderlust: Danish Style


Danish Design

Danish design is known for its clean lines and minimal styling. Architectural shapes and lines give a stylised look to Danish homes, with small splashes of colour used. Sticking to a mainly monochrome colour palette and minimal styling, means Danish design is an enduring style which is easy to achieve at home. A product of […] Read more…

Small Master Bedrooms that are Big on Style!


small bedroom

  A master bedroom is often the biggest bedroom in the house, but it doesn’t always mean there is a lot of space. In a smaller home the master bedroom may only be a small space, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be big on style! In fact a smaller bedroom is a great opportunity […] Read more…

12 Creative Fence Ideas


creative fence ideas

A fence is a usually a necessity, unless you’re lucky enough to have no neighbours! However, it is not often considered a creative part of landscaping. When you think about it, a good fence idea can make a huge difference to your yard and a great front fence can make a huge difference to the […] Read more…