The Dingy Room Reno Update – Week 2


Remember our basement room that I had a dream for?  Well, before the dream Scandinavian Apartment can exist there is a lot of hard work and renovating to be done. 

pine 2


And we want to make it look like this on a small budget so

lots of DIY is needed!!

Lots of soft white to add some light into a dark space

First stage is stripping out and framing up the new areas. We decided to extend into the back of the room which was storage space underneath the house.



We poured a concrete slab for the new parts of the apartment which will become a bathroom and a study room.


pine 10

New windows, frames and wall linings. We installed a bank of louvre windows at each end of the sliding doors to let in the beautiful breeze we get off the ocean. Then we started to build on a deck for extra space and to take in the bush and sea view.


r6 kit


New frosted window for the back of the new kitchen area.



New plasterboard for the walls and insulation too. We put some soundproofing insulation in the ceiling.



To add texture and character we used ribbed lining boards on a few of the walls.

New wiring, plumbing and really new everything except the flooring. Can’t wait to start painting and decorating!!!



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