Month: March 2016

Home Office Shelving by Bon Bon Creative


If we think about renovating our office space, we immediately think it involves incorporating expensive custom built shelving, storage and styling.  However, there are great alternatives for the budget conscious, which are both stylish and practical. Working from home has become more than a trend. Hard-working people everywhere are trying to find the best way […] Read more…

The Beach Shack: Bathroom Inspiration


I shared our new build with everyone a couple of weeks ago on the blog and I shared a brief outline of my décor inspirations for the bathroom. We have ordered all our tiles and are now just choosing bathroom fittings and accessories, so I thought I would give a closer look at what we […] Read more…

6 Outdoor Areas Perfect for Autumn!


cosy outdoor area

With the weather just starting to cool down, outdoor entertaining is becoming less frequent. Your outdoor area might seem less inviting when the weather is cooler, but there are plenty of ways to make these areas work for the cooler months. Although a fire is an amazing way to make an outdoor area feel cosy, […] Read more…

The Beach Shack- Stage 1


We are currently building our family home on the coast in northern N.S.W, so I thought I would share a little bit with you! We have decided to built our home in two stages, so at the moment we are building the first stage of the home, which is the main part of the house, […] Read more…

Wanderlust: Moroccan Style


moroccan style

Moroccan décor and architecture has been popping up in décor trends for years, from furniture, to colours and patterns, it is a décor style that has huge appeal! Traditional Moroccan architecture and décor is characterised by rich colours, ornate finishes and intricate patterns. The more modern take on Moroccan style focuses more on muted colours […] Read more…

The Dingy Room Reno Update – Week 2


Remember our basement room that I had a dream for?  Well, before the dream Scandinavian Apartment can exist there is a lot of hard work and renovating to be done.    And we want to make it look like this on a small budget so lots of DIY is needed!! First stage is stripping out […] Read more…