Month: February 2016

Artwork Ideas for the Master Bedroom


Bedroom artwork ideas

Choosing artwork for the master bedroom has been on my mind this week! I love so many different types of artwork and different ways of displaying art in the bedroom. The type of artwork you choose can make a huge impact on the look of a room, so choosing the right one is important. For a […] Read more…

Shades of Grey: Exterior Colour Inspiration


grey exteriors

Choosing an exterior paint colour for your home is a big decision! The outside of a home is the first impression, so getting it right is important. Grey and white is one of the most popular colour combinations for a homes exterior, and for good reason, it’s a classic choice. We are at the stage […] Read more…

Wanderlust: Palm Springs Style


Palm Springs

Palm Springs is synonymous with style. A mix of Hollywood glamour, sleek lines and modern décor, Palm Springs style is easy to spot. The desert town in California has long been a holiday destination for Hollywood’s finest and the laid back glamour of Palm Springs goes hand in hand with Hollywood style. The architecture of Palm […] Read more…

Wanderlust: Parisian Chic


Parisian Chic

This is the first in a series of blogs exploring décor styles from all over the world. Being so close to valentines day we thought Paris, the city of love, would be a good place to start! so what characterises Parisian décor? Old and New: Parisian décor often mixes old with new to create an […] Read more…

Love or Hate? Navy Blue Kitchens


  As the saying goes the kitchen is the heart of the home.  It also can affect the appeal of a home when it is for sale. So choosing the design and colour of your kitchen can be one of the most important decisions when renovating or building a house. Often a neutral colour, especially […] Read more…