Month: June 2015

Spectacular Small Backyards


This week we shared some small houses with you, so we thought a look at some small backyards would be a good idea! A small backyard or garden is a reality for a lot of people living in the city or in a townhouse or apartment. I have lived in homes with small backyards and sometimes […] Read more…

Tiny Houses and Small Living


Having spent the last few months researching builders, house plans, building costs and all that goes in to building a house it is easy to see why people seek other ways of living. Although it’s very exciting to be building a new home, it can be overwhelming and expensive! There seems to be more and […] Read more…

A Clever Kitchen Makeover


A few weeks ago we did a story on a beautiful bathroom and laundry makeover in a 1950’s era home, today we are showing you the kitchen makeover in the same home! As you will see this makeover is just as clever! The original kitchen in this house was an eye sore when the owners moved […] Read more…

Fun Ways to Decorate with Indoor Plants!


I don’t know about you, but I have always been a lover of indoor plants. There is just something about a bit of greenery in a space that makes it more inviting! Not only do indoor plants look fresh, but they can also add colour and interest to a room. Indoor plants don’t have to […] Read more…

5 Quick Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table


Ever looked at those glossy magazines and admired a beautifully styled coffee table? I know I have! It’s easy to just use the coffee table for storage, or not use it at all, but it is surprisingly easy to get your coffee table looking lovely. Here are 5 quick tips for styling your coffee table that […] Read more…

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