Month: May 2015

Rooms of The Week: Warm Winter Bedrooms


The first day of winter is approaching, which means more layers on the bed! Although winter calls for warmer layers, it doesn’t mean the room has to become dark and heavy, by using texture these rooms create a warm cosy feel while still being serene. We have found 5 gorgeous bedrooms that are cosy and calm, the perfect […] Read more…

Create a Fun Shared Kids Bedroom


Creating a shared kids bedroom can seem a daunting task, from making it child friendly to keeping it functional. Whether its a room for girls, boys or both, the key is to make it fun and functional and to use the space in the best way possible. Here are some tips and inspiration to help create a […] Read more…

Our Oohm You Tube Channel


The Belinda’s Renovation Before and Afters, Home tours, Tips and DIY projects on our oohm You Tube Channel. We have always loved watching before and after renovation and DIY projects on YouTube, because all of the bits in-between are revealed; the pulling apart and the rebuilding.  The amount of hard work that goes into a […] Read more…

The Cross – A Project Home Turns Designer



Build a Project Home and Sell like a Master Build A 1950’S home in a prestige suburb of Sydney. Belle 2 and her husband bought this to redevelop with a large project home that was significantly altered to create a designer home that would reach a maximum sale price.     Renovating the existing garage, […] Read more…

Pins of The Week: Cosy Corners


It has been cooling down very quickly over the last week and I’ve found myself dreaming of a cosy corner to curl up in. This week we have found the most inviting cosy corners! This cosy corner has all the makings for a relaxing afternoon reading a book! The use of soft colours and textures […] Read more…

A Kitchen Makeover Must See!


When the owners of this home decided on a kitchen makeover, they had a budget in mind and knew exactly the look they were after. The tired old kitchen was dated and needed a complete overhaul, but the budget didn’t allow for a complete re-design of the space, so the owners decided on keeping the original […] Read more…

Renovation Spruikers What Are They Up to Now


Over the last couple of years, I have been watching the rise AND RISE of people calling themselves property renovation experts, charging huge fees to coach students. There is a lot of money to be made in the ‘make money’ industry (ha.ha..the irony right there!) as people are coerced into spending money on their education, believing […] Read more…

Worst Renovation Ever


I once witnessed an auction where a bank was selling a house to recoup funds, after 2 brothers did the WORST RENOVATION EVER and ended in mortgage distress! The new new owners are good friends of mine.  They were lucky enough to snap up the bargain of the century on that day, but wow, we all […] Read more…

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