5 Beautiful Storage Ideas You Have to See!


When you think storage you may not think of a beautiful space, but there are great ideas to make even the most mundane storage look lovely! This week, for our photo of the week we have asked you to share your storage spaces with us. Here I have hunted down 5 beautifully organised spaces to take some storage ideas from!


1. Kids Room Clutter

1. Kids Room Storage
1. Kids Room Storage

This colourful kids room uses clever storage ideas to keep toys and books organised. Picture shelves are used as book storage shelves, displaying both books and works almost as art! The blue and white matching storage containers keep things fun and organised. The large shelves and boxes make it easier for little hands to find what they need and even help pack away at the end of the day!


2. Bathroom Beauty

2. Beautiful Bathroom Storage
2. Beautiful Bathroom Storage

This shelving in the bathroom is a perfect way to add a little sense of luxury at home, while still being practical. The beautifully folded towels are easy to grab as soon as you step out of the bath and keeping colour tones similar and complimentary makes it easy on the eye. The best part about this little storage shelf is the added flowers, candles, baskets and soaps, a lovely way to keep this from being boring storage!


3. Clever Kitchen Storage

3. Simple but effective storage
3. Simple but effective storage

The shelving above the sink could become just a spot for mess, but it is far from messy here! The use of clear glass jars in different sizes looks great while also being very practical. The different tones of the flours and grains actually look lovely and the jars make it easy to see what you are running out of. I couldn’t go past mentioning those mint green canisters on the bench either! They work perfectly in adding a pop of colour to this neutral kitchen.

4. Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!

4. Eye-catching Magazine storage
4. Eye-catching Magazine storage

Who else has stacks and stacks of home magazines they just cant throw away? Im guilty of having them piled up in different places at home. This clever little corner not only keeps all the magazines together in one spot, but is using an awkward space that would probably be otherwise unused. Having them stacked horizontally and vertically and mixed with books looks great and the small pendant light is a perfect addition for this corner!

5. Crafty Ideas

5. Craft Wall
5. Craft Wall

Now this is a clever one! Storing all the kids craft supplies can be messy and usually hidden away, but this really makes the most of a spare wall. The blackboard wall is a great way to encourage drawing and writing and also a great way to keep thing organised, as seen with the labelling here. This could be an easy DIY storage project with the use of simple shelves, blackboard paint and picture frames.

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  1. Lynda Singleton
    November 28, 2015 at 1:09 am (1 year ago)

    There are great really beautiful and original storage ideas for every home! I live in a tiny apartment and I have to be very original about my storage space because at home there is basically no place for anything. I love your post! Thanks for sharing all these lovely storage solutions!

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