Month: January 2015

5 Secrets to Great Bedroom Storage


1- A wall of Wardrobes If there is one place to spend money when updating a bedroom it would have to be on great bedroom storage. A wall of wardrobes is a great way to get the most storage space possible, even in a small bedroom. If it is a small space, then keep the […] Read more…

Decorating with Stripes


Decorating with stripes is a timeless look. Whether vertical, horizontal, thick or thin stripes are an easy way to add drama to a plain room. Though stripes can seem overwhelming and a little bold, there are ways to add stripes that will update a room without taking over. By keeping the tones muted and just […] Read more…

The New Blue


Blue is always a great colour to use in the home, but we are seeing a move away from the mints and aqua blues of last year and a move towards new blue, a rich blue pallette. Just perfect for Winter.  Think royal blue, navy blue, indigo, midnight tones and the deep blue sea. Here’s a little inspiration… […] Read more…

Decorating with Metallics in Your Home


Decorating with metallics is a great way to add a little bit of glamour to any room. A touch of copper here or a hint of gold there can update a space in no time and because metallics are so on trend at the moment there are loads of beautiful home wares to choose from. […] Read more…

Top 8 Pitfalls to Avoid When Renovating


Top 8 Pitfalls to Avoid when Renovating a house

There are Pitfalls to Avoid When Renovating and if you don’t avoid them, they will cost you!!   Here are our TIPS.   Starting Without Clear Intention – it is vital to know what you intend to do with the property you are renovating. Are you planning to make the property your home, investment rental […] Read more…