Month: October 2014

Eco Renovating


  Eco living is a commitment to treading light on the earth. Using environmentally friendly materials and low energy practices that help reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. In renovations, eco practices mean anything in the house that has been designed to be energy efficient and easy to maintain, where the building materials were […] Read more…

Colour Your Life – Through Your Decor


We live surrounded by colour,light and shade both in nature and in our man made world.Colour impacts on us in many ways and effects how we feel. Personal preference and cultural backgrounds may also affect how we view a colour. If your ready to add some colour to your home, then brush up the basics […] Read more…

Tips for Creating your Grand Design Home


  What is a Grand Design? A grand design is the complete plan that you have for your house through renovation ,building or decoration. The first step in creating your grand design is to look at what is existing in your original house, what can you keep including furniture and what do you need to […] Read more…